Random Lessons From My 51st Year

L. Brent Huston
2 min readNov 8, 2021

I just recently had a birthday, and I thought I’d jot down a few of the things I learned last year, in no particular order. Your mileage and paranoia may vary, of course, but perhaps some of this will make sense, spark something or help you in a time of need. If so, drop me a line on Twitter (@lbhuston) and let me know.

Cupcakes — Yay!
  • Simplicity has a high ROI
  • Listening without solving problems is a difficult, but essential skill
  • Birthdays are meant for beaches
  • 3–4 days of no activity is enough for me, and I should plan or schedule breaks accordingly
  • Optimizing routines for self care is critical if you want to be a maker or entrepreneur; if you’re broken, you can’t dent the universe
  • Space and time alone are important, and OK to give/take
  • Work won’t love you or fill that void in your soul
  • There is vast beauty in a cappuccino that you didn’t make yourself
  • If 80/20 is the key to life, reductionism can save you :: 64/4 and 51/1 are valid in many cases; learning when and how to apply them can be a boon
  • Life is a wave function, so learn to see where you are and be ready for the changes coming down the pipe
  • Motion is lotion; stop doing something today and you may never be able to do it again :: consider that carefully and stop at your own peril
  • Systems over goals every time
  • A rubber ball and a walk can solve a lot of problems and are both beautiful things
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